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Softbox MicroKernell PHP Framework

    MicroKernell is a php framework developed by sotfbox. Microkernell provices a userfriendly resource to developers and programmers and support to all major types of development including shopping cart, grab mails etc.


    Framework in Single File

    No need to install bunch of files or need to read installation guide. Softbox microkernel is a single php file and paste anywhere in your project and include into your project using require, require_once, or include function.

    frame work gives a sets of commands and functions to programming easily without learning that language in depth. for example a developer develop a php application using framework without depth knowledge in php.


    Whats the problem with other frameworks ? (OR) whats the difference between our framework and other companies framework (zend, cakephp etc)

    • Developer need to learn lot of framework functions and their parameters.
    • Developer cant able to use other framework, else he needs to learn lot functions for that too before to use other framework.
    • Developer loose chance to learn php in depth. because he wasting time on learning framework functions instead of learning php.
    • Nowadays learning PHP is standard and easier compare to learning frameworks.
    • Each function needs a declaration part, execution part, result fetching part.


    • We analyzed the developer needs thouroughly and included very essential functions to minimize learning time.
    • We used simple words for function names. so easy to remember.
    • All of our functions are easy to call or get result in single line.