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Dedicated Coders

    Are you looking to hire a experienced php coder or designer in India?

    We are having professional PHP , ASP , .NET , JAVA coders with the range of 2 years to 12 years of work experience. If you are looking forward to obtain an Internet presence with a cutting edge Website that reflects your ideas & meets your requirements, you need high quality professionally trained coders to get noticed!

    Santadreams dedicated coder is here to help you in establishing your website by offering you to hire our skilled coders from india.

    By hiring our PHP Coders, we let you manage and pay for the talents you require for the assignment on a monthly basis. The resource you hire will be our full-time employees but they will work exclusively for you. We will provide you the teamviewer access by request by which you can see the project in live and gave instructions to coders in live. You will get 100% control and flexibility over getting things done in your way.

    Skills : A senior dedicated coders with a minimum of 5+ years of experience, expertise in PHP (Zend, CakePHP, Smarty Templates, Oscommerce, XCart, Zend Cart, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Mambo, PHP Nuke, Post Nuke), Perl , Mysql , ASP and .NET

    Communication: Our PHP Coders have expertise in developing complex networks and applications. Our coders determine your business objective to determine ideal web solutions. 


    Benefits of hiring coders from santadreams

    • Low Cost -  Reduce development and operational cost compared to in-house development.
    • Instant access to professional skilled coder - Access to coders: Immediate access to a large pool of highly skilled dedicated coders from India.
    • Save development time - Because of direct availability of high skilled PHP Coders, requirement is passed on and converted to solution in earliest possible time.
    • Security - An advanced security management system providing full privacy protection across entire project development phase.
    • Flexibility - Easy procedure of altering Resource or Price Model as per your growing needs
    • Infrastructure - Hire coders from India and leverage our qualified and trained IT Resources with an established infrastructure.
    • High Performance - You will notice better performance as the resources are not being shared with other projects. This results in maximum performance which is much more when compared to the performance of shared resource model.


    Coder Levels

    Suitable for Level - 1 Level - 2 Level - 3
    Data Entry Jobs
    Image Processing and Correction
    Software Installation
    Creating / Recreating Images in raster formats
    Basic PHP Programming
    Flash without Actionscript
    Enhancing SEO
    Creating / Recreating Images in vector formats
    Advanced PHP Programming
    Debugging & Patch Fixing
    Flash with Actionscript
    Search Engine Optimization
    Cost to hire a coder for an hour $10 $20 $50
    Cost for Additional each hour  $10 $10 $25
    Cost to hire a coder for one day (6 Working hours) $50 $60 $250
    Cost for Additional each day (6 Working hours)  $50 $60 $200
    Cost to hire a coder for one month (23 Working days) $1000 $960 $3500
    Cost for Additional each months (23 Working days) $1000 $800 $2500
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     Terms & Conditions

    • Full deposit is compulsary for level-1 & level-2 coders, 50% deposit is compulsary for level-3 coders.
    • All payments are only for programming, you will not receive any products for your payment.
    • Copyright of work will belongs to you.
    • We keep a backup in secured area for future purpose.
    • For web designs, our coders have rights to include a snapshot in their portfolio
    • Santadreams have rights to include project mini description and snapshot to their completed projects page, and portfolio.
    • All completed tasks have a 15 days technical support from santadreams technical lab for error correction, patch fixing, etc. then after you need to pay for any correction works.