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    Websy CMS (Content Management System)

    The WEBSY CMS is the latest generation of CMS. It is a user-friendly and advanced content management system, with an intuitive interface that meets the needs of novices, but at the same time offering the powerful faciliteis required by professional website designers. It has 4 key advantages over traditional CMS systems:

    • Complete website package. Traditional CMS focus on managing the content of your website. Websy goes beyond this, by being a complete website package which can be used to design, develop and manage your entire website.This includes banners, footers, navigation systems, content and so on.
    • Built-in applications. The Websy product includes not only a CMS, but a range of additional value-added applications. With other CMS one would need to purchase, install and manage these applications separately. However, with Websy, these are included as standard and intregrated into the single Websy interface. They include:
      •  website search capability,
      • website news service,
      • RSS,
      • spam-protected form builder,
      • navigation management system (single, double, and triple layer navigation supported),
      • support for multiple and simultaneous templates (with point and click to immediately change templates for the entire website, or for any subset of the website),
      • automatic and configureable backup facility (allowing automatic and manual backups, supporting backup to server and to PC),
      • customized error pages and 
      • full support for search engine optimisation (SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags, built-in SEO guides).
    • Simplicity. The Websy system was designer with the novice in mind. It has a point-and-click interface, which is so intuitive that beginers can creat a simple website and have it online in minutes. Although the software includes an  on-line help system and user manual, in addition to online technical support staff, the interface is so user friendly that one can start using the software immediately without reference to the documentation.
    • Sophisticated capabilities. While providing a simple system, at the same time one has access to very sophisticated capabilities. Furthermore, one can start with a simple implementation and upgrade any part of it to a more sophisticated implemention without losing the work already done. For example, one can creat a single-level navigation panel to start with; then as the site grows one can convert any part of it to a 2-level navigation system with simple point-and-click; and one can even easily upgrade any part of the navigation panel to a 3-level system. This example illustrates the Websy philosophy of allowing novice users to quickly create an online website with minimum effort, but allowing them to expand it to any level of sophistication they want without losing their existing work are requiring them to redo work.