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Protect Your Completed Project

We always secure your project files. At any cost, no one will duplicate your source codes.

Userfriendly Technical Support

Our technical peoples always understand your thoughts and guide you through chat messengers.


We are always finish the projects within deadlines. otherwise we will compensate the delays by reducing the project cost.

Post Payment

You can pay the project cost after the completion of project with correction works. You only need to pay 10% on milestone.


we always secure the projects 99% from codeinjections, hacking, cracking , flood  & spams. we write all the modules ourself for better stability.

Your Backbones

Santadreams, Softbox, Sharlin Integrated Services are providing rich features modules to your projects in variety of platforms and features.

Latest News

  • Websy Professional v2.9 - New version of softbox websy released with new features such as template based contact form emails, better file manager, editor with inline css templates, and more ...
  • Ctrl + RightClick - Now websy supports Ctrl+Rightclick to activate browser menu inside the editor to use browser based spell-checkers.
  • New Editor Configuration! - Websy v2.8 have new editor configuration, which supports to display the editor contents similarly like in your website. By using library you can insert images into editor directly and see a live preview when editing contents.
  • Batch Upload Dropped in v2.8 - Due to various problems, softbox dropped the feature "Batch Upload" in websy v2.8 version. However, softbox definetly plan to integrate in v3 Ultimate edition.
  • Websy v2.8 Released - Softbox Websy v2.8 has been released with new rich features.

Santadreams trying to buy softbox. All softbox products will comes under santadreams soon with new rich features.

Our next project!

We already developed a billing system framework under and tested for a year. After lot of discussions, we plan to develop a new billing system based on our existing framework with multiple gateway management. 

Multiple gateway means, you can manage invoices for your multiple companies or branches in one place with centralized customer database. You can configure individual payment systems to each companies and you can also customize invoice templates for each companies.

If your customer have more than one of your company product invoices, then they can easily see all invoices in one place and pay to your invoices. By this mean, your customer wont need to maintain seperate billing login details to maintain your each company invoices.

Our Current framework supports tree structured customer data, however we did not yet decided to activate this feature or not. More informations will be available soon ...

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Websy v2.9 released!

Websy professional v2.9 has been released on Aug 25th, 2011  with new rich features and fixed up the bugs in v2.8. In this edition you can use email templates to customize the incoming contact form messages in your own required format.

Websy Ultimate v3 Scheduled.

Softbox doing several internal meetings and discussions to switch websy admin panel interface to become more userfriendly. Also softbox plan to remove image based templates and plan to use simple & smart interface for fastest administration. Also v3 definetly include a mobile edition interface.  

Review of Latest product

Softbox Websy Professional v2.9
(Released on 25th August 2011)

Websy professional v2.9 is the world first cms which included automatic image resizing feature Along with seo friendly physical filename management.

By using new library manager, you can insert images in single click. Websy v2.9 supports tag configuration & image resizing settings for each categories separately.

World first New editor configuraiton allows you to see the preview automatically within editor.  You can now receive contact form emails with your own specified format.